We’re often asked which cut is our favorite for grilling? Of course, it’s nearly impossible to narrow it down to just one because each steak has its own juicy, delicious characteristics. Oftentimes, it’s a matter of personal preference.

Be that as it may, one of our favorite options to recommend is the baseball cut top sirloin, a classic steak option. This is a lean cut, but still very thick and flavorful. We’ve heard it compared it to the filet mignon, but at a lower price point. A spot-on description. Just a heads up. The baseball cut top sirloin is not a common cut, so you might not see it available at your local butcher. But, E3 Meat Company sells this cut in store and as an online meat delivery option.

Three Ways to Cook Your Baseball Cut Top Sirloin

Now that you know what a baseball cut top sirloin steak is, let’s learn the best ways to prepare it. The cut is one of the simpler ones to prepare, which is another reason why we enjoy recommending it, especially to novice grill masters.

How to grill a baseball cut top sirloin (our favorite method): Fire up your grill. When it reaches a medium heat level, add your seasoned top sirloins. Grill on each side for approximately five minutes. Once the steak has reached your desired doneness, take it off the grill and let it rest for five minutes. Serve and enjoy!

How to broil a baseball cut top sirloin: First, we recommend moving your oven rack up as close to the heating element as possible. Preheat to broil. To prepare your steak, add some olive oil or butter to both sides and pat in some salt and pepper. You can always add a different seasoning, but salt and pepper is a classic preparation. Broil the steak for ten to twelve minutes, flipping it over at the five- or six-minute mark. Medium doneness is reached at 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to pan sear a baseball cut top sirloin: First, heat your pan on a medium setting. It is best to add some oil, butter or a bit of both to the pan for flavor and to help keep your steak from sticking. Rub your seasoning of choice, place the steak in the hot pan and sear on each side for three to four minutes. Once each side is seared and formed a brown crust, use tongs to hold the steak steady as you sear the sides for roughly one minute.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Steak from E3 Meat Company

When it comes to selecting which cut of steak to purchase, it can feel overwhelming with nearly fifteen choices from which to choose. Ribeyes, filets, strips, tenderloins and sirloins—and that’s just naming a few. At E3 Meat Company, we have quite a few options both in our online store and our store front. Stop in or send us an email with a question regarding steak and which option is best for you, we would love to help.

Now that you have a better understanding of the baseball top sirloin, where to buy one, and how to prepare it. We hope that if you enjoy your steak, you’d share your feedback with us. There is nothing better than hearing from happy steak lovers.