1 Package of E3 Meat Beef Ribs
Head Country Marinade (or Worcestershire Sauce)
8 TBL Ground Montreal Steak Rub
2 TBL of Light Chili Powder
2 tsp of Garlic Powder
8 oz Apple Juice for Spritzing and 4 Oz of Beef Broth
Difficulty 2/5
Prep Time 20 Min
Cook Time 4-6 Hrs
Serves 8
Hardwood: Oak


Beef Short Ribs or Dino Ribs as they are called, are the new hot item in Texas and one of Doug Scheiding's favorite things to smoke, especially if they are E3. Beef short ribs are from the short plate before the 10th rib and have more meat than back or finger ribs. The famous Louie Mueller Barbeque in Taylor, Texas popularized Beef Ribs in response to Aaron Franklin’s Best Brisket on the Planet designation. Each Rib can weigh 1-2 lbs. They are rich in flavor and a lot of times better than brisket. Yes I said it.


Step 1 - Start your Pellet Grill (or smoker) at a temperature of 275 F (you can use higher temperature if you have less time up to 325). I prefer Oak, Pecan or Hickory

Step 2 - While the grill is preheating, remove the ribs from the package and trim with a sharp knife as much fat and silver skin from the top of the ribs as possible. Leave the membrane on the bottom of each rack as this will help hold them together as they cook.

Step 3 – Take the Montreal Steak Rub and place in a coffee grinder or food chopper. Do a medium grind to reduce the size of the salt crystals. Mix the 3 dry ingredients together and put in a shaker bottle. Rub the marinade on the bottom of the ribs (bone side) as a binder and then sprinkle a medium coat of the rub mixture. Flip to the meat side up and repeat rub medium to heavy coat. Spritz a light coat of apple juice to help it “sweat”. Place immediately on the grill with the thicker side of the ribs towards the main heat source. If using a Pellet Grill place toward the back opposite the lid.

Step 4 - Smoke the ribs for 4-6 hours (will depend on the weight of the rack) and spritz a light coat of apple juice every 30-45 minutes to keep moist (not wet) until the internal meat temperature reaches 170 internal.

Step 5 – Take the ribs off wrap in two sheets of Aluminum Foil with about 3-4 oz of beef broth. Put back on the Grill until temperature reaches 190-195 degrees. Take out of the foil and put back on the pit to harden the bark until internal meat temp reaches 200-203 about 35-45 min. If it is taking longer don’t be afraid to raise the heat to 325 F but just watch the internal temperature a little closer, as the window of being done is smaller due to the higher temp. Your temperature probe should slide into the meat like a brisket or butter when they are ready. Save the aujus from the foil as a dipping juice.

Step 6 - Take some pics as the phone eats first #phoneeatsfirst and Enjoy!

This Texas BBQ Beef Ribs recipe is brought to you by BBQ World Champion and Traeger Pro Doug Scheiding of Rogue Cookers